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Daisy Daily Cleanser

Daisy Daily Cleanser

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 “Daisy” Daily cleanser and scrub
A gentle cleanser which can be used everyday. 

Shine bright and feel light like a daisy!
A gentle exfoliant made with rice, kaolin clay, and green tea that will brighten your skin and remove any and all dark spots from your face.

You should choose this product because:
· The green tea in it reduces skin inflammation, irritation and redness
· It hydrates the skin and balances the oil production
· Rice flour helps improve acne and lighten skin
· Rice flour can help with sun protection as it contains ferulic acid and PABA. 
· Kaolin clay works as a gentle exfoliant that helps to get rid of dead skin
· Kaolin clay detoxes the pores and heals the skin from deep inside from its very high mineralcontent.

So whether you’re a floral person or not, Daisy will leave your skin as bright, smooth, light and gentle as a flower! 

How to use: take out about a tsp and mix a few drops of water to turn it into a creamy consistency. Use as a cleanser daily or use as a gentle scrub twice a week.

Benefits of the active ingredients:
The super star rice helps brighten the skin and has anti ageing properties. Removes blemishes and dark spots. It also helps with suntan and makes your skin super soft. Kaolin clay Is an Excellent Facial Cleanser. Its mild yet very effective as a facial cleanser. It removes dead skin and while absorbing impurities from the pores and works for all skin types.
Green tea is anti inflammatory hence works great for acne and control sebum production. 


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