Brand Story

I started this All Natural Skincare Brand when I was 20 years old. I am an undergrad student and manage my business and studies side by side.

Scoop O Scrub started back in 2015, when someone asked about a certain type of body scrub on a public forum and I offered her to try my scrub just to help her without charging any amount in return. A little back story, I used to be a huge fan of scrubs and overall skincare.. I used to make a body scrub for my bestfriend and I. We both enjoyed using it because it shows instant results. (The scrub is now called Sugar Coated) and is one of our best sellers. Coming back to the girl,she loved it and my sister like client from AMOR (who had already tried the scrub)  asked me to carry on with the scrub and launch it. 

I still remember no one in my family understood what I was making and how did I learn it? With a bucket full of doubts, my father took me to Saddar and we got 10 glass jars to fill the scrub in. My friend, Hera Awais from Life Twinkles helped me with a logo and I uploaded the pictures on a buying selling group Sheops and on my other facebook venture AMOR. 

I got like 20 orders and my father sent someone to get more jars. Orders kept coming and it was the right time to make a Facebook page for it.  

There were hardly 3-4 local brands for natural skincare at that time so It was hard to make people try my body scrub, but once they did, all I got was praises and wishes. By March 2016, I came up with a hand and foot scrub and two LIP SCRUBS with a tag line saying “make your selfie pout even better”. People found those little jars cute and orders never stopped after that. 

Now I make fresh batches of 30+ products weekly. The products stand out with Quirky Labels, Great Quality, Consistency and them being all Natural.