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The Ultimate Face Mask

The Ultimate Face Mask

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 Skincare routines are never complete without a detoxifying and refreshing face mask. Powered with matcha green tea and betonite clay, The Ultimate Face Mask is the ultimate solution to all your skin problems.
You should choose this product because:
1. The high chlorophyll content of matcha green tea can help to keep skin healthy and looking younger for longer
2. The EGCG in matcha helps reduce effects of hormonal imbalance by binding with androgen receptors
3. Matcha powder helps to reduce inflammation, and redness which ultimately leads to clearer pores, and a brighter complexion.
4. The bentonite clay absorbs dirt and oil to prevent acne
5. Bentonite clay is naturally anti-inflammatory and can help calm inflammatory acne.

So for the ultimate clear and glowy skin, your only choice should be the Ultimate Face Mask!

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